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#DearGrief 2020 Gallery Featuring Images by Lee Howell

Explore these stunning images that capture the reality of experiencing and living with grief for many Kiwis

Lee grew up in the UK where he first embarked on a career in automotive engineering that took him to Formula One as a race team mechanic. After being inspired by his brother’s travel images, he bought his first SLR camera in 2002 and began teaching himself to shoot.

After moving to New Zealand in 2006 he put down the spanners in favour of a fulltime career behind the camera. Since then he’s developed a reputation for producing high quality, professional images for corporate, editorial and advertising clients alike.

While he loves the challenge of shooting automotive and sport subjects, his real passion lies in working with people and creating portraits that glow with a natural warmth and capture a person’s true character.

For more information, please visit Lee's website: