The Kenzie's Gift Journey Kit for Parents

The first few weeks after a cancer diagnosis can be very stressful. Your family has received some emotionally difficult news and there is an overload of information coming at you, all at once, from many different areas.

The resources inside the Kenzie’s Gift Journey Pack are designed to help and support you, your child and family as you embark on this challenging journey together.

In the Pack you will find a letter of support from Kenzie’s Gift Ambassador Nigel Latta and:

  • A comprehensive Information Book for Parents
  • A Diary for Parents
  • A fun-filled Diary for your child

When used in combination, the three printed items can provide you, as parents or caregivers, with summaries of information about the diagnosis and treatment of child cancers, some tips for coping, useful ways to organise important medical details for your child, and much more.

The Diaries and Book are conveniently sized to fit into your bag and can be taken to appointments and on hospital visits. Your child will enjoy filling in their own Diary with space for drawing pictures, pasting in photos and writing down other details that may be important for them.

Please contact us to receive your free copy of the Kenzie's Gift Journey Kit.