A poem to #DearGrief 2018

A Poem to #DearGrief

Our #DearGrief campaign invites you to talk about what grief means to you, and what it feels like. Here’s a poem by a bereaved māmā / mum.

A poem to #DearGrief


It's hard to imagine some journeys

The kind that happen rarely 

To someone else

And the kind the heart doesn't want to.

People often tell me that they can't imagine how life is for me.

Mothers especially.

They say they can't begin to understand the things I  think and feel and do,

And that they don't know what, if anything would pull them through.

Perhaps it's impossible to imagine, unless it happens to you.

Because life can be changed in the split of a second, and everything you think and feel and do changed with it,

Changed completely

Changed within

Beyond all imagining.

This journey has a scale of its own

A space between the lost and found

That ends where it begins - inside me.

By Adam's māmā / mum