Another Family Helped

"But we have a four year old!" Sitting in the oncologist's office in November 2023 with my husband, I'd just been told that I have advanced breast cancer. My oncologist made it clear at this appointment, that I won't be around to see our son grow up. And it broke my heart.

While the oncologist was fantastic and immediately set a plan in motion for my health, our first concern was, and still is, our son's wellbeing.

Finding Kenzie's Gift was a little beacon of hope for us in a time of great stress. The Kenzie's Gift team put us in contact with one of their qualified and experienced child counsellors, Jenhai. And we were able to access funded appointments with her.

Once I started chemo I was sick and exhausted and often unable to care for our son. For our son the changes in my ability to participate in everyday life had a significant impact, there were different people in the house, I suddenly looked different (I was bald), and all of our usual routines changed.


Jenhai has been great. She's given us the advice and counselling support we needed at this time to help our son cope with what we're going through. The fact that the counselling is funded has also been fantastic, as I've been unable to work and the financial cost of treatment has been heavy.


We've saved some of our funded appointments for later use, and it feels like a layer of security knowing that we can turn to Kenzie's Gift and Jenhai as our needs change.


Kenzie's gift has helped us so much already, and I can't thank them enough, because like every parent, we just want our child to be okay.